The jingle bell has rang on us. Gaines i am so happy for this gift as i will call it. In came in safe and sound this Christmas day and as we agreed no one knew, they just got so amazed with the surprise. I am forever grateful to you for making my end of year interesting with my new family.
Adam Sendler
Hi Gaines, we named our kitten Darcia. She is doing really well. Getting the hang of toilet training training and is now sleeping through the night. She is mischievous but not naughty and is bringing us lots of joy. She's getting spoilt rotten by my daughter and her friends. We are very happy she has come to join our home. Samantha"
Mila Kunis
"Damian- Poppy (formally known as Tina) has settled so beautifully into our family. She is an absolute delight. Her big sister Peanut has taken her under her wing. Poppy adores her too. Thank you forhelping us complete our family and bring the biggest smile I've seen on my daughters face in a long time. Regards Sophie" Poppy is a Pugalier
"Hi Gaines. Yeh, Wally is doing very well. Has put on some weight, is very happy and energetic. Has been a lot of fun with him in the family now 🙂 Thanx for asking. Don"
"Matilda is fitting in well and doing everything she should be doing, eating and drinking well, playing lots, a very happy little cat. Thank you" Sharon
"Hi Damian thanks for your message. We named our boy Douglas and is so, so settled! He's happy, healthy, and in training 🙂 Here is a photo of him." Alina and Kyle
Alina and Kyle

Our mission

Our mission is to provide Sphynx kitten Lovers with the best quality sphynx of all kinds to bring joy and completion in their lives as pets or families.